Christmas Worship at the Ark...

Oh this season is crazy in a lot of ways, but it is still my favorite! Happy Holidays! You know, even if it's just the memory of my Christmas night duets and dances with my sister in our new footy pajamas around the Christmas tree and scraps of paper that hadn't made it into the trash... or the way my mother has always worried way too much over how much we liked our gifts... or how bleak the world seems about 2 days after... It's all a wonder-filled time of year when we pause for just a moment. But could we just leave our lights up all winter please? I'm not suggesting a year-round Rudolph or the blow-up snow globes, or even the nativity scene. I've just always wished we could leave some up because it makes it so much prettier out on those cold winter nights. Anyone else with me?

Anyway... Though this is my first Christmas away from my oldKentucky home, I must say that one big treat for me this December (besides getting shopping done early! And Jesus of course!) was when I got to kick off the holiday season by playing two nights of house "concert" in an incredible house here in Denver. The folks who live there lucked into this gem of a house that was built around a beautiful Wurlitzer organ. There is even a hydraulic lift from the basement up into the main living room! Now the organ is of course gone, but what a great place for music and that is what they have had a vision for there... music and worship. So, I and two other great ladies got to play there for the first ever "Worship at the Ark". What is so awesome about this trio is that we are all three moms and managed to successfully rehearse with the kids running around us at my house. (A Christmas miracle!) There was a deeper understanding among us though as kids came and went. And even more was how we could connect with the story of Jesus' mother Mary and what she went through. It was beautiful really. So, not only are we a girl-band... We are a MOM-band!  Hopefully it will be the first of many other times we play and worship together. If you want to watch the Facebook live videos of either night and have some Christmas cheer and worship you can head over to the Media page and scroll down, or just click here.

'Tis the season to be extra grateful and generous and not let the reason for this pause be overlooked. Jesus came for us all and we each need Him more than we recognize most days. What a gift. What a Savior. I pray you find at least one peaceful moment this Christmas to reflect on the King and His unmatchable love for you.

Be blessed and have a very Merry Christmas!


Come On In

Glad You're Here... Come on in!

Thanks for stopping by! I really value transparency and loyalty in friendships and relationships. So welcome to my new blog and website. I don't want to feel like there is some expectation for what I write on here. I will sometime think "out loud" or maybe in text. So let's get started. :) FIRST - Ok. So there's a lot of pressure for musicians to prove their "worth" by the number of "likes" and "shares" and "hits" etc. And sure, that does give us some encouragement when it happens. But not everyone thinks that way. And there is much more value to a song than the click of a button. (maybe I'm wrong, so share and like as you wish of course! lol)  What is the business of music now? Sure making a living doing what you love is great but you have to spend so much time making numbers that you miss out on the living part. And certain social media sites can suck the energy out of you and can be discouraging if you look at the stats they offer you. So, I make music and enjoy life. That seems like success to me. Rant done. :) ... but life. Yes.

Seriously I hope this site will be a place I can share songs with you as I write them and some songs I've already recorded... And maybe you will even be encouraged by my blogging random thoughts too. Who knows. Come on in to my "house on-line" here though... it might be a little messy but enjoy your stay.

Laugh, love, live and enjoy the moments you are given.  -  Adrea