Meet The Artist

She was just four years old when she first stepped onto a stage at church and surprised everyone with her big voice. Growing up in a corner of Kentucky along the Ohio River she found herself at home behind the microphone. Those early experiences would become a strong thread in the fabric of Adrea's story. Raised by parents who had taught dance together at one time, music and dancing around the house made lasting memories. Her mother had once been a professional dancer and her father was a steel worker so the arts were woven together with values of education and generosity through her childhood. Now hers has been the voice of many weddings, evenings in the vineyard, worship services, retreats, commercials, and events throughout the past 15 years. Truly one can see she feels the music and the Spirit of it whenever she sings. She draws you into the song with her and it is an honest journey. "Mean what you sing and sing what you mean," she says with a smile. Her heart for a greater purpose to her music drew her to serve as an advocate for under served kids around the world through World Vision. In recent years, while songwriting in Nashville, Adrea has recorded an EP and a full CD and was a guest vocalist on a worship compilation by Club Dream Lab. She is an intelligent songwriter whose lyrics are not so trite or predictable and a passionate worship leader. But she is more than that and if you talk with her you will quickly learn she is also a wife and mother who enjoys being with her family and experiencing the outdoors. Most people have seen her smile but have yet to hear about the difficult challenges she has faced which give her rich appreciation for life and health. As I have come to learn, if you sit down across the table with a cup of coffee Adrea will gladly share with you how those times that seem so broken, mundane or challenging are often where life is found. That was much of the inspiration for her latest CD title "Spaces In Between". So please browse around, find your song, and get to know her in her new blog Music-Mama-Life. And I hope you will come to recognize a little of yourself in her stories like I have.