My Weekend in Las Vegas

So, I spent last weekend in Las Vegas where I auditioned for this little show called The Voice. Ya know, it had been on my mind off and on for a long time so I took this step. See, I just don't want to live with regrets anymore. So, yes, I finally auditioned for it and it was a looooong day... 6 hours to be exact. It was like herding cattle who could all sing pretty good. Right from the start though I met some people and we all began to share the experience. It's always neat to be with people who have a common passion or interest but are all in different places in the journey. There were so many people there for various reasons, I'm sure. I got to speak encouraging words to a few younger girls too. Quite a few there thought their whole life and all their dreams came down to this one "audition". And all it really came down to was one table, 10 chairs full of people with hopes and dreams, and one man behind a computer who in a rather stale tone told us to "Come to the center and stand on the white X when I call your name, then tell me what song you're singing. I only want a verse and a chorus." And so that's just what we did. Thousands of talented people that weekend did the very same thing. While neither I nor anyone I met that day got a call-back it was certainly a good experience. I finally understood that it is not so much a vocal audition, but rather a casting call for a tv show. They were looking for something "specific for this season" and didn't find it there that day. I never really thought I would get on the show, but I had to go to bring it all into the light of experience. I didn't want to go through life with any nagging regrets and what-ifs to battle. There is so much to this life and the arts and music... there are so many genres and I frankly enjoy singing lots of them! And so the judge told me when I approached him afterwards that my having songs of different genres would tell the network that I don't know who I am as an artist. Ha. To that I smiled and told him I've done this for a lot of years and feel rather good about who I am as an artist. With a quick thank you and a grin I left. Again, it's a casting call for tv. I feel no loss because if that was the path God wanted me to take, I truly believe He would have opened the door. Now I rest in knowing that I went out there and I tried it, and that feels so great.

If you have a dream, dream it, pray about it, then open your eyes to what it might actually turn out like. Dream big, reach big, and flourish in it wherever you are! The world is a big big place and there is a need for you and your dream all over it. So never limit yourself by thinking success could only look like your name in flashy lights or tv screens. I believe we make a bigger difference in the world by connecting with each other along the way as we live out our dreams and gifts... right wherever we are.